5 Big Questions:  Sam from Lytei

We catch up with Lytei founder, Sam Koerbel, to learn more about how his 2-year-old company is gaining traction with lighting enthusiasts throughout the community. 


Topics we explore:

  1. What exactly is Lytei?  (0:51)

  2. How is Lytei taking a page out of Silicon Valley’s book?  (2:02)

  3. When a manufacturer or lighting agency sees Lytei videos for multiple competing brands, does Lytei ever get pushback?  (4:22)

  4. With Sam, personally, being involved in so many aspects of the Lytei's business, how does Lytei scale up to support present and future growth?  (5:50)

  5. As Lytei continues to grow, what types of services and projects will the brand provide the lighting industry in the future?  (9:40)



MORE INFO:  Lytei »



Check out Sam's podacst:

LytePod by Lytei


Sam Koerbel from Lytei brings you the honest truth -- conversations you want to hear about architectural lighting! Learn and be inspired. Featuring the creative minds of the industry: from designers to manufacturers, innovators, and professors - learn about their habits, ideas, accomplishments, and more.


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April 28, 2021

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