About Us ... and You

Our Daily Adventure

About You

Lighting professionals like you inspired the creation of inside.lighting. You continue to spark our frequent additions and enhancements to the site:

What you do:

  • Specifer (lighting designer, architect, engineer, interior designer, etc.)
  • Electrical distributor / dealer
  • Electrical installer
  • End user
  • Manufacturer
  • Lighting agent
Why you visit inside.lighting:

Searching for good, relevant lighting products

  • Categorical info about high quality and good-value lighting products
  • Straight-shooting product info without fluff or B.S.
  • Highlights of the industry's newest products. Skim the list, explore what you like and move on.

Local info

  • Lighting career opportunities in your area.
  • You want the answer to: “Who is the ________ agent in ________ city?
  • You want to know who all of the agents are for a particular manufacturer.
  • You want to know who all of the agents are in a particular marketplace.
  • Info on specific lighting agents and manufacturers

Market intelligence

Economic reports and other info that helps you better understand past, present and future trends in lighting, electrical and construction markets.

Career exploration
We continuously add to our list of career opportunities in the lighting industry

About Us

We have a passion for two of the following three things:

  • The art and science of illumination.
  • The exciting and constantly-changing lighting industry
  • The design of MySQL/PHP database-driven websites

Why we started inside.lighting:

  • Over the years, we’ve been frustrated by the “needle in a haystack” searches and “wild goose chases” for certain information that can help lighting professionals excel at their jobs, save time and be more effective.
  • When working on out-of-town projects we often had a challenging time understanding the agent and manufacturer dynamics in that strange, far-away city.
  • When googling for products, we sometimes visited “lighting product directory” websites and learned that they were simply internet billboards – one popular site had 34 advertisements on the home page. Geesh.

About inside.lighting

Founded way back in 2016, inside.lighting was created to be a information-rich resource that minimizes fluff and B.S. while maximizing value and user-friendliness. We aim to deliver extremely useful content to lighting professionals throughout the industry. We want you to visit, find the info you’re seeking and move on. Then visit again tomorrow, or next week, if you must.

inside.lighting is 100% independently owned and operated. No manufacturer, distributor, specifier, agent or any other company in the lighting or electrical industries has any (1) ownership stake in or (2) controlling authority over inside. lighting.

We will continue to add content and make tweaks that make inside.lighting even more valuable to you. Please be sure to share feedback with us. We’re all ears! (Not really, but we will listen carefully and respond swiftly.)

Thanks for visiting and have an amazing day!