November 16, 2023   

Inside LMPG's Toronto LightWorks Launch

F.X. Souvay discusses the company's latest venture – a startup specification lighting agency in the GTA


The Greater Toronto Area (GTA) is witnessing the emergence of a new key player in the field of architectural lighting – Toronto LightWorks. This startup agency, backed by LMPG, Inc., formerly Lumenpulse Group, is setting its sights on becoming a prominent representative for architectural lighting manufacturers in the GTA's specification-rich market. Notably, this is not an acquisition but a fresh enterprise marking LMPG's expanding footprint in Canada.

Quebec-based LMPG has a well-established presence in the Canadian lighting market, with a history of strategic moves that have shaped its current position. In 2021, LMPG acquired an 80% stake in CDM2 Lightworks in Vancouver, indicating its interest in expanding its presence in Western Canada. The inception of Toronto LightWorks follows this trajectory, drawing inspiration from LMPG's existing Canadian agencies, including Luxtec in Quebec, where Lumenpulse's roots can be traced.


Hear it Straight from F.X. Souvay, CEO of LMPG:

  1. What is LMPG doing in Toronto? (0:43)    

  2. What is the line card strategy for Toronto LightWorks?  (3:25)

  3. How should other manufacturers trust a manufacturer-owned agency to handle "agent confidential" information? (7:04)

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François-Xavier Souvay, LMPG's Founder, President, and CEO, explained the unique approach of LMPG in Canada, emphasizing a hybrid strategy of direct sales management with company-owned agencies now in three markets, and partnerships with independent agencies throughout the rest of the country. This approach, tailored to the Canadian market's distinct dynamics, differs from LMPG's strategies in other regions, notably the U.S.


tlw card.pngThe Formation and Vision of Toronto LightWorks

Toronto LightWorks, spearheaded by President Dory Elkhoury, will leverage LMPG's extensive experience and brand portfolio to make significant inroads in the GTA's lighting specification community. Joining Elkhoury are industry veterans Viken Kendirjian and Rory King, bringing a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the new venture.

In an interview with Inside Lighting, Souvay shared his insights on the venture, highlighting the importance of a targeted line strategy and the independence of the new agency. He stressed the importance of aligning with the Canadian market's unique aspects, particularly in Toronto, where the agency structure and market dynamics present distinct opportunities and challenges.


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Navigating the Unique GTA Marketplace

LMPG brands such as Lumenpulse, Fluxwerx and ALW, previously represented by TPL Lighting, are set to transition to the new agency, Toronto LightWorks. Furthermore, this agency will expand its representation to include additional LMPG brands, namely Pa-Co Lighting and Vode. These brands cater to a wide range of segments, including commercial, architectural, urban, institutional, medical, and behavioral lighting. In addition, U Technology, an independent lighting brand, has also partnered with Toronto LightWorks, and there are plans for more line card additions in the near future.

While embracing this new endeavor, LMPG maintains continuity in its Canadian operations. Brands like Lumca and Sternberg Lighting will continue their representation in Ontario by their respective agencies. This decision underlines LMPG's strategy of balancing new ventures with sustained partnerships and existing market presence.


Toronto LightWorks is striving to make a significant impact on the GTA's architectural lighting scene. LMPG's commitment to fostering a collaborative environment and aligning with the unique needs of the Canadian market sets the stage for Toronto LightWorks to earn market share in the region. The launch of this new agency signifies yet another step in LMPG's ongoing journey to redefine the lighting industry in North America and beyond.



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