January 24, 2024   

5 Big Questions:  Richard Branch from Dodge Construction Network

The Chief Economist for Dodge Construction Network shares valuable insights into the year ahead


In an enlightening conversation with Al Uszynski of Inside Lighting, Richard Branch, Chief Economist for Dodge Construction Network, delved into the complexities and future directions of the U.S. construction economy. Branch's insights into the varying trajectories of residential and non-residential buildings, underpinned by factors such as high interest rates and tight credit standards, offer a nuanced understanding of the industry's challenges and potential opportunities as we step into 2024.

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Image: Dodge Construction Network

Branch's comprehensive overview highlights key issues impacting the construction economy, including the persistent shortage of skilled labor and elevated material prices since the pandemic. He provides a somewhat optimistic outlook for 2024, citing potential relief in material prices and a more supportive interest rate environment forecasted by the Federal Reserve.

The discussion also touches on sector-specific trends, such as the office sector and the evolving dynamics of warehouse construction, influenced significantly by major players like Amazon.

For more on how these factors intertwine to shape the construction landscape and for expert predictions on various market sectors, including manufacturing and data centers, tune into this insightful interview.

Hear it Straight from Richard Branch, Chief Economist at Dodge Construction Network
  1. What are the big picture perspectives for the U.S. construction economy in 2024? (0:54)

  2. How are materials prices and lead times affecting commercial and industrial projects? (6:45)

  3. What are the expectations for commercial office construction and tenant fit-outs in the coming years?  (10:15)

  4. Tell us about the one big end user who has singlehandedly been moving the needle on the entire U.S. warehouse construction sector. What is the expected activity in that sector moving forward? (14:10)

  5. Are there specific vertical markets or geographic regions where construction activity may be significantly stronger than others?  (17:15)


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