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Encentiv Energy


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Easily find C&I utility rebate programs and rebate estimates for energy efficient technologies with UtilityGenius. Search program data from the U.S. and Canada, all in one place.

  • Track rebates in United States & Canada
  • Use Projects to scope LED upgrades to see rebate estimates
  • Unlock national data comparisons, custom rebates, and more with Pro or Expert accounts

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Encentiv Energy

UtilityGenius Commercial Storefront
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UtilityGenius Commercial Storefront simplifies rebates by applying the discount at the point of purchase! Our team does all the paperwork!

  • Available for commercial LED lighting installations in New York’s Con Ed & Orange & Rockland, and Philadelphia’s PECO Utility territory!
  • Shop discounted Qualified products now!

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Auragami Gen 2 Light Sheet


Auragami Gen 2 debuts as the most advanced flexible LED light sheet ever created. It offers powerful specifications, easy installs, and optimized energy efficiency.

  • Field-cuttable down to a single LED, maintains UL Listing
  • Several category-first innovations
  • 95+ CRI, 100 lumens/watt, 1’x2’ size
  • Single color, extended-range tunable white, & RGBW

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Visa Lighting
Terra Collection


Terra Collection 600 x 400.jpg


Inspired by the beauty of nature, the Terra Collection is a series of four new commercial decorative pendants that feature both up and down lighting and an adjustable canopy.

  • 5 optical control options for downlight
  • Aluminum construction
  • Outer panel and inner component finishes selected separately
  • BAA and BABA compliant

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NICOR Lighting
CDG Modular LED Downlight


CDG Image_600x400d.jpg


A versatile lighting solution featuring modular design, adjustable optics, 120-277V operation, and Bluetooth control via NICOR NLC app, redefining commercial lighting.

  • 1 frame: collar adapters for 4"/ 6"
  • 2 optics: each offers selectable distributions
  • 3 reflectors: clear/haze/white
  • Lots of Extras: Wall Wash Lens/Emergency Battery Backup/NLC control

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Cree Lighting
OSQP™ Pathway/Bollard Luminaire



cree lighting 50px.png

Featuring rotatable optics and NanoComfort™ Technology, the OSQP™ Pathway Bollard blends advanced technology, emergency preparedness, and visual comfort to elevate outdoor spaces.

  • 2,000L-3,000L at up to 142 LPW.
  • Large array of CCTs: 27/30/40/50K/57K.
  • Installer-friendly, durable, and offers QR code serviceability.

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Nova Flex LED
Injection Molding


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Nova Flex elevates neon lighting with in-house injection molding, setting benchmarks for excellence in Micro Neon, Mini Neon 2.0, Dim to Warm Neon, and Round Neon.

  • In-house injection molding with exceptional finishing
  • 5-10 day lead time
  • Spec-grade silicone neons (Round, Dim to Warm, Mini 2.0, Micro) 5-year warranty
  • Salt and UV resistant

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Signature Series WHE
Architectural-Grade Linear LED


3x2 SS WHE NovaFlex Product Photo 600.jpg

nova-flex logo 50px.png

Introducing Signature Series By Nova Flex: The Newest Architectural-Grade White High Efficiency Linear LED with true CRI95+ brilliance and consistency.

  • True CRI95+ for unmatched color
  • 2-step MacAdam across all models, versatile wattage
  • Gold Pad Construction, extended 4 oz substrate
  • Designed and engineered by Nova Flex

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T40 Launch.png


The T40 by Lumenture redefines lighting standards as the smallest high-output, line voltage track fixture on the market. With its compact modern design, this fixture is the ultimate choice for those seeking a flawless solution for small-scale lighting applications.

  • The new, patent-pending mini adapter is one quarter the size of traditional track adapters.
  • Diminutive 1.5 inch aperture.
  • Up to 600 Lumens at 85 Lumens per Watt.
  • Available in Square and Round form-factors.

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Cree Lighting
Guideway Series Street Light


CreeLighting_Guideway_Product-Listing 300px.jpg

cree lighting 50px.png

The all-new Guideway Series with NanoComfort Technology is a game-changing roadway solution by Cree Lighting that brings levels of performance, visual comfort, and control previously out of reach.

  • 4,000L-32,000L at up to 168 LPW.
  • Largest array of CCTs ever: 22/27/30/40/57K plus turtle-friendly True Amber coming soon.
  • Lightweight, durable, and offers QR code serviceability.

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Lines Cantilever



fluxwerx logo.png

A diminutive (0.7") discrete wall luminaire with full or 1' room-side optic, delivering visual conciseness that integrates seamlessly into a multitude of interiors.

  • 1' & 2' lengths (with full or 1 ft room-side optic)
  • 3 distributions: 100 Dn, 35 Up|65 Dn & 65 Up|35 Dn
  • Hidden in-wall power source. No J-box required.

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View Mini



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With the transparent vertical optics, View Mini suspended linear luminaire appears in the architecture like a floating fenestration, whether lit or unlit.

  • 70Up | 30Dn, 20Up | 80Dn & Ind Up | Dn lighting control
  • Low glare and wide row spacing - up to 15ft on center, delivering 35 fc at under 0.4 W/ft2
  • 3 endcaps
  • 4 standard finishes

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Lines Onwall



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Fluxwerx presents a high-performance, ultra-slim (0.7") linear, perimeter mounted luminaire known as Lines Onwall. This product seamlessly connects to Lines Suspended, facilitating the creation of diverse wall and suspended lighting patterns.

  • 4 up/down distributions — 100 Dn, 100 Up, 30 Up | 70 Dn & 55 Up | 45 Dn
  • 3 endcaps
  • Available in 1', 2', 3', 4', 6', and 8' lengths
  • Features 2, 3, & 4-way articulating pivots

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D2 Stubby & High Efficiency Corn Lamps



ZledLogo_web 50px.png

ZLEDLighting has new versions of its popular Stubby and High-Efficiency Corn Lamps called the D2 series. The D2 version is wattage selectable, new slimmer base, and DLC 5.1 listed.

  • High efficiency at 165 lumens per watt.
  • On-board fan for active cooling.
  • Lighter weight puts less stress on the lamp holder.
  • Integral Driver (Ballast Bypass).

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LED Round High Bay – SL



litetronics logo 50.png

LED Round High Bay – SL, is a direct replacement for HID fixtures. Enjoy reduced energy costs right away — especially when paired with occupancy sensors and daylight harvesting.

  • Selectable CCT (4000K / 5000K)
  • Selectable Watts (100 / 150 / 200)
  • Certified DLC Premium
  • Delivers 140 LPW and a 90° beam angle
  • Optional PIR, Microwave or Bluetooth sensors 

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LED Square Garage Light



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The Litetronics LED Square Garage Light is an affordable and easy way for facility managers to upgrade parking garage lighting, deter theft and save on energy costs / maintenance.

  • Selectable CCT (4000K/5000K)
  • Selectable Watts (40/60/80)
  • Certified DLC Premium
  • Delivers up to 140 LPW
  • Optional PIR, Microwave or Bluetooth sensors 

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by Luminii


STENOS - ALL - BLACK (002)99.jpg

Luminii-Logo_Color (1) 300.png

Meet STENOS by Luminii - a highly versatile micro-optic LED product range. STENOS optics can be adjusted to fit any space, making it a convenient and flexible lighting solution.

  • Directional modules feature a native 15° optic
  • Trimmed and Trimless options available
  • CCTs include 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K
  • IC and UL Wet Location Rated
  • JA8/Title 24 Compliant 

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Elevate your space with MARS: Seamless integration, extraordinary design! Advanced RGBW LEDs deliver up to 6789 lumens at 72 lm/W. Ideal for architectural & landscape projects.

  • Effortlessly Elevate Environments: Seamless integration
  • Dazzling Brilliance: Top-tier RGBW LEDs deliver unmatched 6789 lumen output
  • Transform spaces with versatile optics

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