May 25, 2023   

5 Big Questions:  Crestron at LightFair 2023

We catch up with Bill Schafer, Crestron's Executive Vice President, Commercial Lighting, to learn how the $1+ billion company is landing huge projects and approaching the market.


Topics we explore:

  1. Tell us more about how Crestron has been able to be involved in some very large-scale and high profile projects.  (0:45)

  2. Commercial and residential AV enthusiasts know the Crestron name very well.  Privately held company, but multiple sources estimate revenues over $1 billion.  How does the rather large ecosystem of Crestron product offerings impact or help the commercial lighting division?  (2:20)

  3. Engineers and lighting designers who specify lighting controls can be very finicky or may prove hard to break old habits.  What would Crestron say to a specifier who’s never closely considered a Crestron system, to earn their consideration?  (3:30)

  4. Why was it important for Crestron to exhibit at LightFair?  (4:58)

  5. What exciting things should lighting people expect to see from Crestron in the year ahead?  (6:40)



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