February 16, 2023   

F.X. Souvay Sheds Light on LMPG’s Acquisition of ALW

Lumenpulse founder comments on recent acquisition spree and shares a peek into the company’s future 


F.X. Souvay founded Lumenpulse in 2006 and the company quickly became a favorite among North American lighting specifiers and agents, causing it to grow to $56.5 million (CAD) in revenue within seven years.

In recent years, the company – which is now many companies with a parent called LMPG, Inc. – has continued to grow organically, but has also accelerated its growth in recent years through numerous strategic acquisitions. In addition to anchor brand, Lumenpulse, the company now boasts a robust and diverse family of leading architectural lighting brands including Fluxwerx, Sternberg Lighting, Pa-Co Lighting and Lumca.

On Thursday, February 16, LMPG announced its latest acquisition – California-based Architectural Lighting Works, or ALW. The ALW brand has a rich history and in recent years has seemed to expand its indoor and outdoor architectural lighting product lines to the delight of North American lighting specifiers.

lmpg logo alw logo.jpg

Souvay, now LMPG President and CEO, continues to lead the company’s growth and strategic vision. Amidst all of the acquisition announcement chaos, he graciously shared some time with inside.lighting to explain the reasons behind the ALW acquisition and to provide insights into what he envisions the future holds for architectural lighting and his continuously growing company.

In our exclusive interview, Souvay answers the following questions:

  1. Why did LMPG acquire ALW?  (0:52)

  1. What is inspiring the recent acquisition spree?  (2:30)

  1. What is the long-term vision for LMPG?  (4:27)

  1. How does LMPG seemingly make individual brand autonomy work so well?  (6:19)

  1. What are F.X.’s insights into the future of architectural lighting?  (8:45)



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