May 24, 2023   

5 Big Questions:  Focal Point and Kenall at LightFair 2023

We catch up with Jimalee Beno, President of Focal Point, and David Michals, President of Kenall, to learn how Legrand’s lighting brands are differentiating their products and approach in highly competitive C&I lighting markets.


Topics we explore:

  1. How does an architectural brand like Focal Point prioritize and deliver what’s important to the architectural design community?  (0:54)

  2. How would you describe light disinfection markets before, during and after the pandemic?  (2:29)

  3. Please shed insights into how Focal Point has been able adapt to the unique business approach required for the brand's broad acoustic lighting offering.  (4:43)

  4. With economic factors pointing towards softening markets, what does the C&I lighting market look like right now and in the short-term future?  (7:06)

  5. (The beers arrive)  Why was it important for the Legrand Lighting brands to exhibit at LightFair 2023? (8:21)



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