April 19, 2023   

5 Big Questions:  Private Equity & Lighting

We catch up Geoff Ling, Managing Director of boutique M&A advisory firm, Merrimack Group, to learn more about how private equity (PE) firms are impacting the lighting industry.


Topics we explore:

  1. How much merger & acquisition (M&A) activity in the lighting industry is driven by private equity?  (1:07) 

  2. Should a seller pursue offers from Private Equity or Strategic Buyers – or from whomever writes the biggest check? (2:37)

  3. In general do PE firms buy a business to shut it down and liquidate assets, "flip" the property in 1-2 years – or do they invest for long-term growth? (4:10)

  4. What should customers and employees evaluate when determining if a company's PE ownership might affect their overall loyalty to the portfolio company? (6:50)

  5. What does the M&A market look like now and for the short-term future? (9:56)



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