June 7, 2023   

Turning the Page: LD+A’s Paul Tarricone to Retire

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IES recognizes the two-decade commitment of Tarricone as he embarks on a new chapter



The Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) has announced that Paul Tarricone, the Editor and Publisher of LD+A Magazine, will be retiring from the IES after two decades of dedicated service. Throughout his tenure, Paul served under three full-time Executive Directors: Bill Hanley, Tim Licitra, and Colleen Harper.

Under Paul's exceptional leadership, LD+A Magazine successfully brought together content and the community, earning recognition and awards for its outstanding publication. Paul's dedication to each issue was evident in his approach to the constant projects and deadlines, always striving to make each one count more than the previous.

Tarricone has informed us that even though he is retiring from the IES, he aims to make professional contributions in other ways when he embarks on his IES retirement beginning October 1.



In 2021, we asked Tarricone "How is your LightFair?" 


Tarricone recently told us about the grind of pushing out a high-quality monthly magazine. "You get 12 at-bats per year," and Paul made sure to make each publication impactful—striving to make each one better than the last.

In a pandemic-era 5 Big Questions interview about LD+A's 50th-anniversary edition, Paul shared his insights with us and shed light on the evolution of LD+A. The anniversary edition was a testament to the valuable content and contributions LD+A has chronicled over the years.

In a statement published by the IES, the LD+A Magazine staff acknowledged Paul Tarricone's retirement with deep appreciation for his invaluable service. His leadership and commitment have elevated the publication to new heights, and his impact on the field of lighting design and application is truly remarkable. The IES wishes Paul a fulfilling and joyous retirement, knowing that his expertise and dedication will leave a lasting legacy in the industry.

As LD+A Magazine enters a new chapter, the search for Paul's successor is underway. The magazine remains committed to delivering exceptional content, informing, inspiring, and transforming the lighting design and application industry.

Your contributions will be missed, Paul. Thank you for illuminating so many lighting professionals over the years.


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