September 1, 2021   

5 Big Questions:  Specifying Connected Lighting

We catch up with Jered Widmer, Principal of The Lighting Practice and part of the committee of experts who recently authored LP-12-21, Lighting Practice guidelines for Internet of Things (IoT) Connected Lighting published by the Illuminating Engineering Society.


Topics we explore:

  1. How much expertise is a lighting designer expected to have in the areas of wireless communication technologies and software?  (0:46)

  2. What are some of the most important aspects of specifying IoT systems that lighting specifiers should pay close attention to?  (2:34)

  3. Are specialty IoT applications like Occupant Counting, Indoor Positioning and Asset & Occupant Tracking gaining traction?  (4:39)

  4. What are some common IoT pitfalls and what proactive steps should be taken to avoid them?  (6:53)

  5. What steps should building owners and specifiers take to evaluate the network security of an IoT lighting system?  (9:29)


MORE INFO: The Lighting Practice  »



IES LP-12-21, IoT Connected Lighting  »



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