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September 22, 2021   

5 Big Questions:  Let's Talk Lighting Controls

We catch up with Wattstopper's Charles Knuffke and Digital Lumens' Gary Meshberg – the Chair and Vice Chair of the Lighting Controls Association – to learn more about the significant value that the organization provides to lighting people.


Topics we explore:

  1. What is the Lighting Controls Association (LCA) and why is it important?  (0:59)

  2. Who is the primary audience for the LCA education programs and what are some of the most popular topics? (2:36)

  3. Isn't lighting controls training provided by controls manufacturers sufficient?  (4:15)

  4. As emerging technologies grow in popularity, how is the LCA staying on top of the latest in Wireless, IoT, HCL and other technologies?  (6:57)

  5. How do you and your member manufacturers measure how successful the LCA is at achieving its goals?  (8:57)


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