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Here's our well-informed, yet completely unscientific gut-feel opinion about whether in-person Lightfair will occur in October.

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The simple truth is that one knows for sure whether Lightfair will take place in New York City later this year. Lightfair people are working hard to plan the in-person trade show & conference. Exhibitors are moving forward with plans to build their booths. Attendees are booking hotel rooms – all in hopes of convening for the important lighting industry event.

A number of factors will impact whether the in-person event actually takes place including: 

  • Government mandates (New York State and New York City)
  • Venue – How flexible will the Javits Convention Center be with continued uncertainty? At some point event contracts may get to a toll gate ultimatum of “pay a huge chunk of money or pull out.”
  • Stakeholders: Lightfair people are working closely with exhibitors, partners and other stakeholders to ensure they act in the consensus best interest.


MAY 4 UPDATE:  What’s happening in New York:

A coordinated strategy set in place by the Governors of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut indicates that nearly all COVID-related restrictions will be lifted on May 19.  There are some exceptions including those for large-scale venues: 

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Lightfair, October 25-29

We are 91% confident that the event will be able to accommodate 15,000 or more attendees.
(Past events reportedly had 28,000+ attendees)

Three Reasons Why Lightfair May Happen

  1. We are still 174 days away and most of the U.S. population is expected to be vaccinated by then.
  2. The Javits Convention Center is immense with super high ceilings and the flexibility to effectively space things out.
  3. The “Safer Floor, Safer Show” initiatives that Lightfair announced in 2020 provide many smart measures to help keep attendees and exhibitors safe.

Three Reasons Why Lightfair May Not Happen

  1. Government mandates that restrict the maximum number of people allowed to gather in one place.
  2. The emergence of a gangster Covid variant that is unfazed by Covid vaccines.
  3. Bill de Blasio


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