July 10, 2024   

Memphis Grizzlies Seek Wellness Boost with Lighting Makeover

2024 07 Memphis Grizzlies Seek Wellness Boost with Lighting Makeover.jpg

Human-centric lighting installed at FedExForum for better health and performance


The NBA’s Memphis Grizzlies have partnered with BrainLit North America Inc. to install human-centric lighting throughout the team and staff spaces inside FedExForum. This initiative aims to enhance performance, health, and wellness for athletes and staff.

These human-centric lighting solutions, developed by BrainLit, are designed to deliver specific types of light at various times of the day, simulating natural light to promote better sleep, recovery, and overall performance. Dwight Johnson, Vice President of Operations for FedExForum, noted that lighting was identified as a key area for potential improvement in the team's facilities.


"We are always exploring new and thoughtful ways to innovate and enhance the team and staff spaces inside FedExForum, and we identified lighting as an area we thought could be very impactful," said Johnson.

It is unclear if facility lighting at FedExForum had any direct correlation to the Grizzlies’ dismal 27-55 record in the most recent 2023-24 season.

BrainLit’s CEO, Kyle Harris, described the installation as a significant implementation of their lighting technology. According to Harris, the Grizzlies' staff recognized the potential benefits of the lighting system and are eager to see its effects on performance and wellness.

The partnership with BrainLit is part of a broader strategy by the Memphis Grizzlies to integrate science-backed interventions into their operations. This initiative follows similar implementations by other organizations, including the Sacramento Kings and Minnesota Twins, which have adopted human-centric lighting to improve the health and performance of their members.