October 3, 2023   

Sphere's Debut Captivates Las Vegas with Brilliant Lighting Show

Still haven't found what you're looking for? It might be U2 at the Sphere



LAS VEGAS – The Sphere, a new global landmark in Las Vegas, left onlookers in awe with its groundbreaking lighting show during its most recent opening weekend featuring a concert by the legendary band, U2.

This monumental venue, with its state-of-the-art lighting, aligns perfectly with its aspiration: to usher in a new era of entertainment. Sphere is designed as a haven for top artists, creatives, and technologists to come together and craft experiences that push the boundaries of storytelling. Concerts, artistic performances, and marquee events will grace its stages, offering an immersive experience for audiences.


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The outside of the Sphere is also a spectacle featuring the Exosphere, an exterior component of Sphere that spans 580,000 square feet and boasts of fully-programmable LED lighting, making it the world's largest LED screen. The Sphere promises a synergy of cutting-edge technology and artistic brilliance, delivering unparalleled live experiences.


While performing, Bono himself seemed to be in awe of the light show 



The Associated Press reported a spectacular showcase U2 at Sphere on its inaugural night. Setting the virtual scene as an outdoor concert, helicopters flew above as 63-year-old Bono sang "Vertigo," but these scenes were masterfully crafted using the Sphere's floor-to-ceiling graphics. The concert took fans on a two-hour musical odyssey complemented by high-resolution LED displays and visuals that encapsulated the spirit of Las Vegas.



Moreover, as highlighted by Hollywood Reporter's Carolyn Giardina, U2's concert at Sphere was a blend of technical brilliance and creative genius. The Sphere's 160,000-square-foot wraparound interior LED display created an environment so lifelike that it transported the audience into the visual content, allowing U2 to captivate them in a way never done before. This concert is a testament to the Sphere's revolutionary potential in the entertainment industry.



With its grand opening, the Sphere is poised to redefine live entertainment, providing artists with a canvas unlike any other, and giving audiences a spectacle that will be etched in their memories for a lifetime.