September 14, 2023   

Man Spends $1,700 Stockpiling Incandescent Bulbs

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In New Hampshire, where they "Live Free or Die," Kevin Szmyd has chosen to glow on his own terms


In a story recently reported by CBS News and Business Insider, as the U.S. Department of Energy has clamped down on the production and sale of light sources that fall short of 45 lumens per watt, Kevin Szmyd, a 25-year-old software engineer from Portsmouth, New Hampshire, decided to stockpile 4,826 incandescent light bulbs costing him a reported $1700. This personal inventory, he calculates, will last him until he turns 100.

The new energy standard that went into effect on August 1 has led to certain reactions from the public, Szmyd's being a prime example. For Szmyd, choosing incandescent bulbs over LEDs is not just a sentimental novelty. "I have a personal issue with the light we get from LEDs," he expressed to CBS MoneyWatch. He further critiqued some LED bulbs as appearing "almost cheesy".



Szmyd's views might seem peculiar, but similar ideas are gaining traction. According to CBS News, a rising number of individuals are voicing concerns over LEDs, citing issues like flickering, underwhelming color rendering, and a bulb lifespan that falls short of marketing promises. Even New York Magazine recently spotlighted this discontent, discussing how LED bulbs often "overpromise and under-deliver."

Szmyd's extensive collection includes specific bulbs for chandeliers, three-way fixtures, and under-stair lighting. His journey to this extensive collection began with the idea of purchasing merely two 24-packs of bulbs.

Given the costs and the fines associated with selling bulbs post-ban ($542 per sale as per the new federal guidelines, as reported by CBS News), Szmyd primarily sees his collection as a personal stockpile, although he has gifted a few bulbs to friends.







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