March 15, 2023   

58 New Lighting Partnerships Form 

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It's been a busy time for Manufacturers and Lighting Agents forming new partnerships.  Here is the recent roundup.  


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No one covers the Bolingbrook lighting market like we do.


  • Boston: Exposure is the new agent for Contardi & Nemo

  • New York City:

    • Electric Lighting Agencies has added MODA Light and Sistemalux to its line card

    • Enterprise Lighting Sales has partnered with 3F Filippi, DuraLamp and Targetti

  • North Jersey:

    • Illuminations Inc. is the new rep for Excellence Opto. Inc

    • Enterprise Lighting Sales now represents Hubbardton Forge

  • Philadelphia:

    • Illuminations Inc. is the new agent for Bomma

    • Lighting Solutions has added BubblyNet to its line card

  • Richmond, VA: Federated Lighting VA has partnered with Isolite


  • Raleigh, NC:  K.B. Stephens is the new rep for Nanometer Lighting, USAI and OCL Architectural Lighting

  • Greensboro, NC: R.L. Vanstory Company now represents USAI

  • South Carolina: Ardd + Winter is the new agent for Alva

  • Nashville: Designlight has added FSC to its line card

  • Atlanta:

    • Ardd + Winter has partnered with Alva

    • Smart Lighting Solutions is the new rep for LuxR

  • Alabama: AMA Lighting now represents HessAmerica, Griven and WILA

  • Louisville, KY:

    • Lumenation is the new agent for Lumenture

    • LHI Lighting Sales has added Isolite to its line card

  • Arkansas: Curtis Stout, Inc. has partnered with Paraflex

  • Cincinnati: Leesman Lighting is the new rep for LightArt and Legrand Shading Systems

  • Indiana: Specified Lighting Systems of Indiana now represents Atlantic Lighting

  • Chicago:

    • Force Partners is the new agent for McWong International, Inc.

    • PG enlighten has added HK Lighting Group to its line card

    • The Lighting Digest has partnered with Truex Lighting and Xicato

  • Wisconsin: AGI Sales is the new rep for Nicor Lighting

  • Louis: Lighting Associates, LLC now represents Urbarn

  • Nebraska: Convergence is the new agent for PreciseLED and FX Lighting

  • Kansas City:

    • C&O Sales has added Pac Lights to its line card

    • Mercer-Zimmerman has partnered with BuzziSpace

  • Houston, TX: CW Lighting is the new rep for DCWéditions Paris and Siemon & Salazar

  • Dallas:

    • Nex Gen Lighting Solutions now represents LPMI, Excelsior Lighting Inc., Grid Shift Solutions and Solaire Lighting

    • Architectural Lighting Alliance is the new agent for Lightly

  • Utah: Quantum Lighting has added Intelligent Lighting Controls to its line card

  • Idaho: DMA - Idaho has partnered with FSC

  • Phoenix:

    • Wild West Lighting is the new rep for CORE Lighting Group & ROC Lighting

    • Arizona Lighting Sales now represents Intra-lighting and something called Lee Broom

  • San Francisco: 16500 is the new agent for Cognito Lighting Group and G Lighting

  • Oregon:

    • The Lighting Project has added Forum Lighting to its line card

    • Harry L. Stearns has partnered with New Star

  • Seattle: The Lighting Group is the new rep for Boca Lighting and Controls

  • Vancouver: Mac's II now represents Ready-Lite








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