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July 1, 2022   

5 Things to Know:  Week Ending July 2

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Another lighting factory lands in Denver and the L.A. Times explains some creative ways that streetlight copper thieves are being deterred.


Here's a roundup of some of the week's happenings curated to help lighting people stay informed.    


1. Turtle-Friendly Lighting

The need for turtle-friendly lighting affects a very small percentage of all outdoor lighting applications, but this 5-minute interview on NBC News 4 Jacksonville explains some of the local codes, requirements and solutions that address turtle-friendly lighting.

See the Short Interview  »


2. Denver Adds Another Lighting Factory

Metro Denver is already home to many lighting companies including some Cooper Lighting architectural brands, Pinnacle Lighting, American Lighting, Puro Lighting, Nulite and Ragni Lighting.  Now, BEGA North America has announced a new 153,000 square foot facility in Metro Denver.

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3.  New Lighting Lawsuit

Texas-based Principal Lighting Group is suing New Jersey-based GenLED for patent infringement.  The claim relates to how end caps are designed and incorporated into certain luminaire products.

See the Complaint »


4. Not Yet Trending on TikTok

Did you know the IBEW has an official song?  Have you ever heard union electrical workers humming it on a jobsite? IBEW Museum Curator, Curtis Bateman, recently explained the whole story in this short video.

"Where Electricity Goes, There Goes the IBEW" »


5.  Copper Thief Deterrent?

Pilot program aims to protect San Fernando Valley, California street lights from copper thieves.  Welding. Burying. Camouflaging. Will this deter copper thieves?  Program is expected to go citywide as the Bureau of Street Lighting plans to invest $11 million into fortifying the city’s 220,000 street lights.

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FREE BONUS INFO: Copper Prices Drop significantly

After hovering above $4 per pound since early 2021 -- and even getting close to $5/lb. earlier this year, copper prices have dropped sharply in June.

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