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May 27, 2022   

Signify Says Over 500 Luxrite Products Infringe Patents

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Downlights, lamps and surface ceiling lights are in Signify’s IP crosshairs


CAMDEN, NEW JERSEY – Signify North America has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Luxrite parent company, All Star Lighting Supplies, in U.S. District Court for the District of New Jersey. Signify is seeking permanent injunction that prohibits manufacture and sale of the allegedly infringing Luxrite products as well as monetary damages to adequately compensate Signify for the alleged infringements.

Luxrite goes to market in the U.S. through e-commerce channels as well as lighting agent representation. The Luxrite product line seems to be focused on residential and light commercial LED lighting products. The company’s website seems to place the most emphasis on the categories of downlights, surface mount ceiling lights and lamps.

Signify’s accusations point to over a dozen Luxrite product families and cites over 500 specific Luxrite model numbers. The 77-page complaint provides a thorough review of Signify’s numerous claims that surround several patents:

  • 7,038,399 Methods and apparatus for providing power to lighting devices

  • 7,255,457 Methods and apparatus for generating and modulating illumination conditions

  • 7,256,554 LED power control methods and apparatus

  • 8,070,328 LED downlight

  • 8,348,479 Light emitting diode recessed light fixture

  • 9,709,253 Light emitting diode recessed light fixture

Some of the patent filings above date back to as early as 2001 and may now be expired. Some of the patents were originally assigned to Color Kinetics before the company was acquired in 2007 by Philips, now Signify. In the complaint, Signify cites written notices that were sent to Luxrite dating back to June 2017 – a time when all patents above were still active.

As of this writing, the lawsuit has yet to be served on All Star Lighting Supplies.  The company will have thirty days from the summons date to file a response with the court.


(UPDATED 10:52am)

All Star Lighting Supplies emailed the following comments to inside.lighting:

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Above: Excerpt from the Signify North America complaint




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