May 27, 2022   

Signify Eyes Supply Chain to be More “Continentally-Based”

CEO Eric Rondolat discusses supply chain and cost pressures with CNBC


SWITZERLAND – The four-day World Economic Forum wrapped up yesterday in Davos, Switzerland but not before CNBC Europe caught up with Signify CEO, Eric Rondolat, to discuss numerous topics that affect the world's largest lighting maker's business. The above interview was posted by CNBC International on Thursday.

Rondolat sound bytes include:

  • "Cost cutting is not a strategy"

  • "We have a global supply chain and need to go to a supply chain which is more continentally based"


Topics explored:

  1. Effects of supply chain and Ukraine war on the business

  2. The impacts that energy prices and interest rates have on demand

  3. Competitors that undercut pricing

  4. How government subsidies to certain country's manufacturers affect competition







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