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May 10, 2022   

Michigan Streetlight Mystery is Solved

7 Action News investigates "wonky" LED streetlights along Plymouth Road


LIVONIA, MICHIGAN – In what might be best described as a "slow news day" for both Detroit's WXYZ and for inside.lighting, residents in Livonia, Michigan are reacting to a stretch of streetlight malfunctions of unwanted on/off cycling or flickering of LED streetlights installed along Plymouth Road.

The WXYZ-TV I-Team launched a thorough investigation into the matter that invoked references to seizures, Christmas lights and John Travolta. Plymouth Road strip mall visitor Cliff Dickens speculated that "there's some capacitor somewhere shorting out or doing something wonky." 

The 1-minute and 55-second roller coaster ride, which is this news report, ends happily when the root-cause for the malfunction was uncovered and reported by 7 Action News Reporter, Jim Kiertzner. See video above for the full report.




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