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January 16, 2022   

CBS Features Rare Light Bulb Collection

CBS Sunday Morning shows the world some scarce lighting artifacts


Chad Shapiro runs a home automation company in Owings Mills, MD and also owns a collection of rare electric lighting artifacts. His lighting memorabilia was recently featured on CBS Sunday Morning.

Some interesting takeaways from the CBS Sunday Morning feature:

  • Shapiro has traveled as far as Austria to obtain what he described as a "really important piece."
  • Edison bulbs – actually made by Thomas Edison – can fetch as much as five-figures.
  • Shapiro claims that Edison did not invent the light bulb and that no one can pinpoint who did. He explained that electric light experiments took place all throughout the 1800's and that Edison took the concept of an incandescent light bulb and perfected it.
  • Shapiro lit up a lamp from the 1880's but did not bring it to full brightness, explaining that "it's just too risky."


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