January 10, 2022   

Beta-Calco Sues Architectural Lighting Competitor

2022 beta calco sues camman lighting.jpg

Accuses competitor of knocking off a patented pendant light fixture


Toronto-based architectural lighting manufacturer, Beta-Calco, is suing a competitor for patent infringement. In a complaint filed in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania, Beta-Calco claims that Camman Lighting has copied its pendant light fixture.

The lawsuit surrounds a specific project, Sorrento Valley Creekside in San Diego, California. Beta-Calco claims that the project specification called for pendant light fixtures having the design of Beta-Calco’s TRIPLE™ pendant fixture. Camman Lighting products were allegedly accepted and eventually provided for the Sorrento Valley Project as an alternative to the Beta-Calco TRIPLE™ pendant fixtures called for in the Sorrento Valley Project specifications.

beta calco comparison.jpg

Above: Exhibit from the lawsuit

In San Diego, Beta-Calco is represented by OCS Lighting & Control and Camman Lighting is represented by SCI Lighting Solutions. Neither agency is cited in the complaint as patent disputes are often a manufacturer versus manufacturer matter.

Beta Calco is asking the court for multiple judgments including a permanent injunction against Camman Lighting prohibiting the company from infringing upon the patent, damages related to the Sorrento Valley Project and other punitive damages.

Our messages to Camman Lighting and Beta-Calco many days ago were not returned.

Below are project photos posted on the Instagram account of RB Consulting Engineers in El Cajon, CA.  The photos were submitted as Exhibits in support of the filed complaint.



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