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October 6, 2021   

Signify Announces Fourth Price Increase of 2021

2021 10 signify price increase.jpg

Genlyte Solutions, Cooper Lighting, Color Kinetics, Philips and Advance brands raise prices in response to continued supply chain pressures.


Signify November 1 Price Increase:

Signify will implement price increases to the following product categories:

  • Genlyte Solutions professional luminaire brands
  • Color Kinetics
  • Interact
  • Philips and Advance lamps & LED electronics portfolios

A specific percentage increase was not shared in the announcement.


Cooper Lighting Solutions November 8 Price Increase:

Signify-owned Cooper Lighting has announced price increases 3-6 business days after each of the three previous 2021 Genlyte Solutions & Philips price increases were announced.  UPDATED 11:58am The Cooper announcement was distributed yesterday:

  • Cooper Lighting Solutions is implementing a general price increase "across a range of impacted Lighting and Controls products." 
  • The price changes will vary by product line and will be effective November 8th, 2021. 
  • "This increase will cover all C&I business including national accounts and special price agreements."



August 9 Price Increase:

"Due to pressures felt throughout the global supply chain, including raw materials, commodities and logistics, Signify will implement price increases for a select portion of our professional lighting products, effective August 9, 2021. The price increases will occur within our Genlyte Solutions collection of luminaire brands and our Lamps and LED Electronics portfolios, namely the Philips and Advance brands.

  • LED Lamps will increase an average of 5%
  • Conventional Lamps will increase an average of 3%
  • LED Electronics will increase an average of 3%
  • Lamp Electronics will increase an average of 6%
  • Luminaire increases will vary based on product families


These increases will be applied to all orders placed on August 9, 2021 onwards or for future-dated shipments on orders placed between now and August 9, 2021. Any existing open project quotes or special price agreements will also be subject to the new price schedule."


June 1 Price Increase:

Fixtures:  +6% average

Conventional lamps:  +5% average

LED lamps: +3% average

2021 03 Signify price increase.png



February 15 Price Increase:

Fixtures & ballasts:  +6% average

Conventional lamps:  +5% average

LED lamps: +3% average


2021 03 Signify price increase Feb.png


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