October 5, 2021   

Prices, Terms and Surcharges Steadily Increase

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Makers of lighting products adjust pricing and terms to offset continuously increasing supply chain costs


A leading maker of lighting controls told us that to help a customer meet a deadline they recently paid $86 for components that normally cost around $8.  There are likely dozens (or possibly hundreds) of similar stories experienced by other lighting makers during this challenging year that have sourcing departments facing one supply chain hurdle after another.  Consequently, lighting industry price increases have become commonplace and more companies seem to be adjusting their terms in conjunction with raising prices. 

Some manufacturers are positioning the terms as “temporary” which implies that after this supply chain storm passes – hopefully sometime in 2022 – surcharges will be pulled back and more customer-friendly terms will once again prevail.

Here’s a roundup of many recent price increases and term announcements we received from manufacturers and their representatives:

Lutron has implemented a shipping and handling fee of up to 5% of project cost, depending on the products involved in the project.

Cooper Lighting Solutions recently increased its freight minimum to $2,500.

GE Current, a Daintree company, sent us this announcement on Monday detailing an average 30% price increase for legacy (non-LED) lamps and ballasts effective January 2, 2022. The average 30% increase may seem like a big spike, but when waning demand is layered on top of a challenging supply chain environment, charging $2.60 for an unpopular $2 T8 lamp seems rather reasonable.

Amerlux will increase prices 8% effective January 1, 2022.

Bispingen, Germany based WE-EF Lighting is implementing the following terms for U.S. customers effective November 1:

  • A temporary 4.4% Supply Chain & Tariff (SC&T) Surcharge and
  • A temporary 2.9% Material Shortage (MS) Surcharge.


Other recently implemented price increases:

  • Hubbell Lighting: Effective September 20, 2021.
  • Generation Lighting (which includes the brands Sea Gull Lighting, Tech, Element, & Monte Carlo): Effective September 8.
  • The Lighting Quotient (Elliptipar, Electrix, Tambient & Meyer): Effective September 15.
  • Oxygen Lighting: Effective September 17
  • Landscape Forms: Effective September 21


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