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July 14, 2021   

A Rundown of August's Three Virtual Lighting Conferences

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We help you assess the 87 glorious lighting programs scheduled during three popular virtual lighting conferences. 


During a 17-day stretch in August, three popular lighting industry conferences will be delivering a variety of programs, events, panel discussions and award ceremonies to hundreds of virtual attendees. The IES Annual Conference, LEDucation and Strategies in Light will once again be 100% virtual events, in what (hopefully) is the last of the major in-person conferences that were derailed by Covid and converted to virtual.

Many lighting people seem to be non-committal about which virtual August events they will attend. And unlike in-person events, virtual attendees seem to cherry-pick a smaller portion of programs more so than captive in-person attendees do. 

There are many things to evaluate when considering a conference or a specific program, but we thought that we would help summarize some of the major points in the roundup below with basic event details and program names. We didn't include the very important details of presenters, facilitators and program times, but there are links to each conference for you to dig deeper and start planning your August lighting adventures. 

We look forward to "seeing" you at all three events!


IES Annual Conference

August 9-13
Registration:  $249 for IES Members





  • Illumination Awards
  • Opening Session
  • Keynote Speaker
  • Digital Interactive Placemaking
  • “Should the ‘Quality of the Visual Environment’ include Window Views?”
  • Enhancing Built Environments: The Science Behind Circadian Lighting
  • Designing Adaptive Lighting Systems with Digital Light Sources
  • Society Updates
  • The Role of Context in Designing for People
  • You’ve got a friend in DMX
  • Circadian Stimulus Metrics Predicts Inconsistent Results of Some Blue-Enriched White Light Inducing Lower Melatonin Suppression Than Blue-Depleted White Light After Sign-Changing of B-Y Response
  • Effect of Interior Paint Color in Addition to Light Source Properties on Human Melanopic Lux at Night
  • Exploration of Research Tools for Data Collection in Field Studies
  • Photosensor Long-term Performance Study
  • Additional Opportunities for Emergency Lighting
  • Brighter Stars Designing with LUNA
  • Digitally Controlled, Beam Steerable and Tunable Lighting System with Occupancy Activity Estimation
  • The Impact of Daylight Availability on Seat Selection
  • A new metric for roadway lighting design based on Relative Visual Performance
  • A Spectral Day in the Life of a Senior Care Center Resident
  • An Innovative Discussion About Lighting Controls and Standby Power
  • Biomimetic Lighting Design
  • The Visual Experience of Fine Art Under Low Illuminance
  • Keynote Speaker
  • Light and Mind
  • Rethink human centric lighting in post pandemic cities
  • Light Reconnects Us with Our Landscape
  • Well-Lit for Well-Being in Hospitals The Connection Between Quality Light and Enhanced Health Care Environments
  • Germicidal Ultraviolet Opportunities for Lighting Experts
  • “Friend or Foe . . . Do Energy Codes Help or Hinder us?”
  • Inclusive lighting for social housing
  • What Do We Know About Connected Lighting System Failures?
  • Progress Report
  • Illuminance Measurement with a 360 Panoramic High Dynamic Range Image
  • Museum Lighting and Embodied Experience
  • Optimizing Lighting Simulation with Panoramic HDR Photography
  • The Scene Dynamism as an Aspect of Rating Indoor View Quality
  • Application of Different Metrics for Describing Light Color Quality of White LED
  • Laboratory Evaluation on Energy Impacts of Tunable White LED Lighting in Offices for Circadian Performance, and Implications for Specifying Efficient Circadian Lighting
  • Possibility of Parametric Design for Electrical Lighting Practice
  • Simulating COVID-19 Infection Risk and its Mitigation by Ultraviolet Irradiance
  • An office lighting model for estimating the impacts of model fidelity on lighting system energy use
  • Investigation of the use 3D printed antennas for connected lighting systems
  • Joint Lighting, Environmental, and Health Database for Research
  • Using UV Light as Disinfectant
  • Closing Session
  • Marks and Medals
  • Biographies in Light Before Edison
  • Designing Farms of the Future: LED Horticultural Lighting Systems
  • Lighting Control User Interfaces - The Good, Bad, and where we might go from here.
  • Lighting Design Documentation: Delightful, Decent or Disaster
  • Material Transparency in Lighting: What YOU Can Do Today
  • We aren't psychologists, scientists or technologists so how do we incorporate the hot topics of today into our daily design lives?


  • Some sessions above are presented concurrently with others
  • A 6+ hour Emerging Professionals program is scheduled for Thursday August 5 and is not included in the above summary
  • A 5-hour Leadership Forum program is scheduled for Friday August 6 and is not included in the above summary





August 17-18
Registration:  Free


LEDucation »



  • Code Compliant Emergency Lighting Solutions
  • A Holistic Approach to DC Lighting
  • PANEL DISCUSSION: Metrics and Methods for Assessing Luminaire Uniformity
  • Quality Outdoor Lighting: Principles and Practice
  • Energy Efficient Lighting & Controls for Code Compliance
  • Lighting Control for Health and Safety
  • Good LED Dimming Ain't Brain Surgery, So Get It Right!?!
  • Engaging Integrative Design to Create Healthy, Engaging and Attractive Environments
  • Digital Interactive Placemaking
  • The New Age of Circadian Lighting Design
  • How Green Light Can Maximize the Quality of Tunable White


LEDucation »



Strategies in Light

August 24-25
Registration:  $50





  • Out of the Valley of the Normal Into Uncharted Territory
  • Environmental Protection, Climate Change & Equity: Drivers for Market Opportunities
  • Key Findings from the 2020 DOE LED Manufacturing Supply Chain Report
  • A Software Revolution Powering the Evolution of an Antiquated Business Model
  • PANEL: Germicidal Applications of UV-C Technology
  • PANEL: HCL Gets Real: Moving Forward with Integrative Lighting
  • UV-C Technology Roadmap
  • High-performance UVC LEDs with Transparent P-Ohmic Contact Layers: Technology and Applications
  • ShortWaveLight: Far-UVC Semiconductor Devices
  • PANEL: Smart Buildings: Lighting and Transformation at the Grid Edge
  • 3D Printing for Lighting: What’s the Big Picture?
  • Additive Manufacturing of a Solid-State Lighting Fixture
  • Signify 3D Printed Luminaires
  • Keynote Speaker: Wei Jien, Project Director, L'Observatoire International
  • PANEL: Policy, Codes & Standards - California 2022 Lighting Update
  • Integrated Controls- The Key to Smart Buildings
  • A Year in the Life of a Networked Lighting Control System
  • Synergies in Interoperability with Bluetooth Mesh, Zhaga and DALI
  • Interactive Digital Placemaking
  • Going Beyond: When Illuminating Engineering Becomes Design
  • Deep Dive into V5A check-in on the lighting industry’s adoption of quality metrics emphasized in DLC’s V5.1 Technical Requirements
  • Average Spectral Difference: A New Method to Make Objective Comparisons of Naturalness Between Light Sources
  • Specifying Light Source Color Rendition





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