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July 21, 2021   

Lutron and Key Executive Part Ways

2021 07  Ramin Mehrganpour Lutron Co-President.jpg

Photo Credit: Stock Image, Tumisu from Pixabay 


In a short statement responding to an inside.lighting inquiry, a Lutron spokesperson confirmed that Co-President Ramin Mehrganpour is no longer with the company.  Mehrganpour and Ed Blair have been Lutron Co-Presidents since July 2019.  

The worldwide leader in lighting controls has a history of having shared Co-CEO and Co-President executive roles. The company did not respond to our inquiry seeking clarification about Ed Blair possibly being the sole President moving forward or if someone else will be filling Mehrganpour's vacated Co-President role.  

According to past Lutron statements, Mehrganpour was a 20+ year Lutron veteran and his past roles included director of international human resources, director and general manager of the Window Systems Business Unit, vice-president of global sales, vice-president and general manager of Asia, senior vice-president, with global sales responsibility, and executive vice-president.



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