July 14, 2021   

Cooper Lighting Announces Third Price Increase of 2021

2021 07 cooper lighting price increase (1).jpg


Days after sister brands Genlyte Solutions, Advance and Philips announced a price increase, Cooper Lighting Solutions (CLS) has announced its third price increase of the year.  

The most recent announcement did not give guidance relating to the percentage increases of the price increase.  The company also communicated a temporary adjustment to freight allowances.

Given the perpetually rising tide of materials and logistics costs, the less specific announcement will possibly allow the company more flexibility to calibrate pricing with the current state of volatile costs.

Below is the announcement from Joe Melchiors and Ken Walma that was sent to CLS distributor partners.




May 24 price increase

Up to 7% on lighting and controls products.
Up to 10% on legacy products.

February 15 price increase

2-8% on certain lighting and controls products.


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