March 31, 2023   

5 Things to Know:  Week Ending April 1

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The organization behind LEDucation backs a new lighting event.  And a major magazine asks, “Why is LED Light So Bad?”


Here's a roundup of some of the week's happenings curated to help lighting people stay informed.    


1. New York Magazine asks “Why is LED Light So Bad?”

Amy Nelson, head of lighting design for the Metropolitan Museum of Art tells New York Magazine, "The quality of the light is just not what we want it to be.”

Hervé Descottes, the founder of the high-end lighting-design firm L’Observatoire International, told New York Magazine that he once worked on two projects at the same time: a museum in Helsinki and a shopping center in Hong Kong:

  • He flew to Helsinki for a meeting, “and in the meeting room, in the center of the table, they light a candle,” he said. “It’s very Scandinavian, you know. Get the warmth.”

  • He then flew to Hong Kong, where the temperature and humidity, he recalled, were both in the 90s. That meeting was held in a space with no windows and ceiling lamps cranking out 5,000 degrees Kelvin. “Because when we’re put in cool light, we feel that it’s cooler outside,” he said.

  • Another time, in Singapore, Descottes found himself arguing with clients who wanted the coldest, brightest lighting for the executive floors of a tower to signify abundance.


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2.  From the makers of LEDucation…

The New York Section of the Illuminating Engineering Society and Designers Lighting Forum of New York (the organization behind LEDucation) are collaborating to create NYControLED – a new educational tradeshow dedicated to lighting controls.  The inaugural event is preliminarily scheduled to take place on November 14 at the Metropolitan Pavilion on West 18th Street in Manhattan which is the same location where New York lighting agents Enterprise Lighting Sales and SDA Lighting & Controls host their respective biennial agency trade show events.

NYControLED Advisory Board is comprised of Dan Blitzer, Glen Karpinos, Charles Selander and Olena Zavragina.


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3.  New York Times Publishes Howard Brandston Tribute

The New York Times recently published a tribute to iconic lighting designer, Howard Brandston who passed away on February 24.  Brandston’s lighting design company applied his art globally to landmarks, including the Statue of Liberty, as well as architecture, exhibitions and even penguins in a zoo. 

Brandston illuminated landmarks in New York and around the world, and used light to inspirit people depressed by waning winter daylight, to prevent infections, and even to keep penguins in a zoo from looking seedy.


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4.  Copper Supply is a Serious Problem

Forbes recently sounded the alarm on long term copper supply issues: “On copper, the forward outlook is extraordinarily positive. We’ll be at the lowest observable inventories that have ever been recorded at 125,000 tonnes. We have a peak supply occurring in 2024…Near term, we put (the copper price) at $10,500 and longer-term our price target is $15,000 a tonne.” This type of warning would have historically helped make the case for further investment, but with few people building new mines, and those that are being blocked, it may not result in anything.


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5.  Manufacturing is the most targeted sector by cyberattacks

The World Economic Forum explores cyber crime in the manufacturing sector:

For the second year running, manufacturing has been the most targeted sector by cyberattacks. Throughout 2022 alone, ransomware attacks on industrial infrastructure doubled, with a potential systemic impact to supply deliveries. Cyberattacks may disrupt businesses and supply chains, offsetting the gains from digitalization and resulting in financial and productivity losses causing reputational damages.


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