October 19, 2021   

Luminii Acquires Two Architectural Lighting Companies

Precision Lighting and RCL are the fourth and fifth architectural lighting companies acquired by Luminii in the last 2+ years.


NILES, IL – October 19, 2021 – Architectural lighting company, Luminii, has acquired two British architectural lighting companies from the same owner: Precision Lighting and Remote Controlled Lighting (RCL).

The deal marks Luminii's fourth and fifth acquisition in just over two years – adding to the Senso, Optic Arts and iLight Technologies acquisitions of 2019-20.

Precision Lighting and RCL each already have approximately 12 lighting agents in North America, primarily in influential specification markets. The acquisition will give Precision Lighting and RCL increased visibility and support in the U.S. & Canada, while providing the well-established North American Luminii brands with a larger platform in European markets.

Precision Lighting is a British manufacturer that produces recessed and surface-mounted monopoint, minipoint, track systems among other architectural lighting products.

Remote Controlled Lighting describes itself as the pioneer of remote controlled motorized architectural spotlights and other luminaires that are intelligent, reliable and efficient.

We catch up with Luminii CEO, Jeff Parker, and Luminii General Manager EMEA and Managing Director of Remote Controlled Lighting and Precision Lighting, Paul Crisp, who share insights into the acquisition. Topics we explore:

  1. What markets and applications do Precision Lighting and RCL serve?  (1:12)

  2. How do the acquisitions fit with the overall strategy of Luminii?  (3:12)

  3. How ready are the British brands to provide the specification resources and products that are demanded and/or required in the North American market?  (8:47)

  4. How will the company handle the U.S. territories where Luminii agents differ from Precision & RCL agents?  (10:00)


Read the annnouncement from Luminii »


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