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   July 20, 2021   

Omnilite | Illuminate now represents CREE Lighting in all six New England States



We are pleased to announce that Omnilite Illuminate will be representing Cree Lighting in the New England market! Omnilite is a familiar representative for us in the Massachusetts and Rhode Island area. With their recent merger with IlluminateNE, their combined organization will now also be servicing New Hampshire, Connecticut, Vermont and Maine. 

Together, Cree Lighting and Omnilite Illuminate will be partnering to fulfill your lighting and control needs. You can read more about the merger announcement here

Your direct agency contacts are listed below, by region:

      Kim Srey, ksrey@omnilite.com
      For Boston, MA and RI

      Jason Vasilakos, jvasilakos@illuminatene.com
      For Western MA and CT

      Jamie Walker, jwalker@illuminatene.com
      For NH, ME and VT​​​​

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Thank you,
Chris Brown
Regional Vice President, East Region



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