Clear-Vu Lighting Successfully Invalidates Visible Light Disinfection Patent and Concludes Litigation with Kenall Manufacturing

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Clear-Vu Lighting successfully invalidated a key patent pertaining to visible light disinfection technology, which led to a legal settlement with Kenall Manufacturing, and empowered a go-forward right to incorporate this technology in future products.


Central Islip, NY:  Clear-Vu Lighting successfully invalidated US Patent No. 9,839,706 (owned by the University of Strathclyde), a key patent pertaining to visible light disinfection technology. This patent was licensed to Kenall Manufacturing and had been asserted against multiple vendors in patent infringement lawsuits.

While Clear-Vu has not previously sold and does not have any current plans to sell products incorporating this technology, Clear-Vu is empowered with a go-forward right to bring such products to market as the result of the invalidation and a legal settlement with Kenall.
Daniel Lax, CEO of Clear-Vu Lighting stated, "We will use these favorable results to enhance our position in the marketplace unencumbered.”

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About Clear-Vu Lighting:
Clear-Vu delivers innovative lighting solutions using the most advanced technology for superior quality, performance, and energy efficiency to clients ranging from municipalities, state agencies, and utilities to pharmaceutical manufacturers, large scale construction companies and start-ups alike.


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December 9, 2020

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