White Paper:  Building a Large-Scale Bluetooth Mesh Network

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Industry innovators team design and deploy commercial, spec-grade Bluetooth® mesh control platform for corporate headquarters and lighting training center


Irvine, California:   Industry leader of LED luminaire innovation, LEDRA Brands, Inc (LEDRAbrands), parent company of American, lighting technology brands BRUCK Lighting and ALPHABET Lighting, collaborate for a white paper study with Bluetooth mesh component innovator McWong International and Bluetooth® controls, industry leader CASAMBI®.

The paper explores the LEDRAbrands factory headquarters, buildout project in detail, examining the project design intent, the criteria for technology selection, the installation / commissioning phase, and lastly, lessons learned. It can be found at ledrawhitepapers.com, www.McWongInc.info and www.CASAMBI.com.

Creating an ideal demo design showcase requires integration of the best lighting technologies while simplifying control to the most flexible capability possible. This white paper outlines the ability to deliver the most desired functions, from intelligent light level control to critical emerging functions, using proprietary Bluetooth mesh solution from Casambi and McWong. These include human-centric lighting that benefits occupants’ biological, emotional, and overall wellbeing through scene setting tied to real time, atomic clock, and solar mapping graphs. In addition, the project satisfies California’s ambitious Title24-2019 requirements while achieving the highest degree of interoperability among a wide range of performance downlighting, architectural and decorative luminaires.

LEDRAbrands’, May 2020 move to Irvine, CA, also known as, the “City of Innovation” with numerous Fortune 1000 companies from biotech to electric automotive, has been ideal for the company’s state-of-the-art factory and training center and is double the size of the 3-building campus from where the company relocated, and sits on the highest elevation in the industrial, tech-zone of the city.

For the complete story on the project: ledrawhitepapers.com


LEDRAbrands has been the innovation leader for lighting in North America since 1993. The company was the first to integrated LED into architectural lighting fixtures in 1998 and first in lighting to publish design specification guidelines for SDCM, TM-30 and E.M.L. With a rich history of innovation, the Bruck and Alphabet brands are internationally known for quality, technology, and service. www.ALPHABETlightng.com www.BRUCKlighting.com

CASAMBI — Casambi – An ecosystem for wireless lighting control. Established in 2011, Casambi is the industry leader in full-featured wireless lighting control platforms. Based on Bluetooth Low Energy, we offer an open smart lighting ecosystem of 100% interoperable lighting products from hundreds of major lighting companies. Casambi’s technology can be integrated into anything from individual lighting fixture controls to industrial-scale solutions with cloud-based remote control and monitoring. www.CASAMBI.com

McWong International — Established in 1984, McWong produces superior lighting controls and related electrical power and protection components. Today, McWong is engineering IoT solutions for the rapidly changing marketplace, leveraging state-of-the-art wireless technologies such as Bluetooth mesh and collaborative relationships with technology partners. www.mcwonginc.info

For PR inquiries contact Jesse Poggio at JesseP@LEDRAbrands.com. Visit www.BRUCKlighting.com or www.ALPHABETlighting.com for more information or call 714.259.9959 ext. 241.


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October 28, 2020