LUXTECH Releases New Family of Premium Flexible LED Modules: LUXroll


(PHILADELPHIA, PA, December 7th, 2020) — LUXTECH is revolutionizing how architectural luminaire manufacturers implement LED light modules with their LUXroll family of premium flexible light engines. The LUXroll family includes 5 premium flexible LED light engines that combine high-performance light with the versatility of on-board connectors and cuttable sections down to 0.5”.  Standard 44’ & 198’ reels, available in white, tunable white, warm dim, RGB, and RGBW. These features combined with an integrated dispenser system allow for minimal SKUs, consolidated inventory, and reduced luminaire design and development time.  

“The LUXroll family was designed to standardize luminaire development and manufacturing while offering LUXTECH’s unrelenting standard of versatility, LEDs, low-end brightness uniformity, and connectivity.”
      -Sean Darras, CEO

LUXroll by LUXTECH brings a new standard of architectural quality, versatility, and ease of use to the flexible LED module market. Every SKU has repeating sets of poke-in connectors in a familiar 20mm PCB width so there is so no more need for soldering. LUXTECH modules are designed to be used in fixtures of any shape or size without sacrificing yield. Instead of stocking rigid boards in multiple lengths, it’s simple to unwind the standard 44’ & 198’ LUXroll reels and cut to any length required. Every aspect of the design is thoughtfully engineered for ease of use with specification-grade light, low end brightness uniformity, and color consistency. The common LED pitch across the family make it a breeze to swap all five LUXroll flavors in the same fixture design. Try LUXroll for yourself and optimize your fixture assembly process with the highest quality flexible LED module. All product is stocked in Philadelphia. 


LUXroll Family Specifications:

Color Variations:
• Warm Dim
• Constant Current White
• Tunable White


• Poke-In Connectors
• Width: 20mm (0.787”)
• 44’ & 198’ Reel Lengths
• 3M Adhesive Backing
• LED Pitch: 0.5”
• 3-Step MacAdam Ellipse Color Binning

• White, Tunable White, Warm Dim:  0.5”
• RGB, RGBW:  2”

• White, Tunable White, Warm Dim: 36V Constant Current
• RGB, RGBW: 24V Constant Voltage






LUXTECH designs & manufactures versatile, specification-grade LED modules for architectural lighting manufacturers.

“We are a collection of engineers, designers and researchers based out of Philadelphia, PA and proudly work with architectural fixture manufacturers and teams around the world. Besides being inquisitive and inventive thinkers, we are also personable – we make sure our customers’ needs are heard and their expectations exceeded. We believe lighting has the power to define our world: it can elicit a mood, improve appearances, enhance performance, and influence our behavior. By pushing the latest lighting technology and manufacturing exceptionally built modules with the utmost customer care, we believe we can elevate illumination to foster a better world.”
    -Graham Merrifield, LUXTECH Senior Applications Engineer




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December 7, 2020