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 October 13, 2022   

Agent Swap: Current Appoints New Agent in Atlanta

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Second-order effects of Georgia market shifts still uncertain – Lutron, Elite and Northern Florida


Thirty days ago, a shift occurred in the Georgia lighting marketplace when the end of an 8-year representative partnership between Acuity Brands and Smart Lighting Solutions was announced, and Acuity Brands teamed up with its former agent, Lighting Associates, Inc. (LAI).

Today is the first official day of LAI’s renewed representation of Acuity Brands – and it is also the first day for another new and significant lighting partnership in Georgia – Smart Lighting Solutions now represents the Current™ HLI Brands – the brands formerly known as Hubbell Lighting. The series of moves resulted in Acuity Brands and Current HLI Brands effectively swapping lighting agents – trading Smart Lighting Solutions and LAI. Lighting people in Metro Atlanta estimate that in 2021 LAI generated $20 – 24 million in sales with Current HLI Brands throughout its Georgia and North Florida territory. 

After parting ways with LAI and filing a breach of contract lawsuit against LAI, Current HLI Brands reportedly evaluated multiple agent options to replace LAI in Georgia. In recent weeks, we were told that the Cree Lighting agent, Next Generation Lighting, had apparently withdrawn its interest in Current HLI Brands, causing all signs along Peachtree and Piedmont to seemingly point the Current HLI Brands in the direction of Smart Lighting Solutions.


Second order-effects
Other pieces of the LAI / Smart Lighting Solutions ripple effect have yet to settle as Lutron is currently interviewing new potential agent partners in the territory after LAI reportedly agreed to resign the line to take on Acuity Brands. Sources tell us that Lutron executives have visited The ATL multiple times in recent weeks and that certain finalist agent(s) will be visiting Lutron’s world headquarters in the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania next week.

Elite Lighting is also reportedly seeking new Georgia representation and is waiting for the major lines to settle before it signs a new agent contract in Georgia.

Geoff Marlow, Principal of Smart Lighting Solutions, commented on the new Current HLI partnership, “We’re excited to be working with Current who brings well over a century of lighting and controls experience to the table. Their HLI brand portfolio and commitment to quality and service will really delight our customers and we look forward to the partnership.”

Chip Taylor, Current’s Chief Commercial Officer, addressed one of the other ripple effects of the Georgia agent shifts by sharing “Current will also be announcing new representation in the Northern Florida market in the coming weeks, stay tuned.”




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