April 17, 2024   

LightX:  A Lighting Event Built for Customer Engagement 

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Bell & McCoy and FRM's approach to creating engaging, memorable, and relationship-focused experiences


Scheduled for July 29-30, 2024, the third iteration of LightX promises to be the most grandiose yet, possibly setting a new benchmark for lighting agent industry events. Orchestrating an expansive and worthwhile two-day event involves numerous moving parts and significant stakes. The lighting industry is no stranger to trade shows that either suffer from lackluster attendance or fail to facilitate meaningful interactions — attendees often have brief encounters with exhibitors before vanishing into the crowd.

However, the landscape is evolving. Increasingly, lighting agencies are organizing larger scale events with meticulously curated attendee lists, inviting influential individuals who play important roles in specifying, designing, or purchasing lighting and controls products. For LightX 2024, these customers hail from the extensive markets served by Bell & McCoy Lighting and Controls and FRM Lighting & Controls across the Southern U.S., spanning from the Carolinas and Florida to Arizona. This broad reach ensures a diverse mix of attendees who bring a wide spectrum of insights and needs.


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The two agencies, which merged in 2023, are transforming what could be a standard agent event into a comprehensive two-day retreat. This biennial retreat not only allows manufacturers to engage in-depth with customers but also provides a vacation-like atmosphere where relationships can be nurtured in a relaxed setting.

Here are some highlights about how Bell & McCoy and FRM meticulously plan their two-day event, backed by a seven-figure budget, to optimize benefits for all stakeholders: the agency, the manufacturers they represent and, most importantly, the VIP customers.


Engaging Directly with Lighting Decision Makers

Set against the vibrant backdrop of the Gaylord Texan Resort & Convention Center in Grapevine, TX, LightX offers manufacturers a unique opportunity to connect with key decision-makers. These include professionals from the architecture, engineering, and lighting design communities. Approximately 800 attendees are expected, providing a rich pool of potential customer interactions.  Over the course of the two days, manufacturer exhibitors are often given several opportunities to engage, establishing lasting rapport with new customers and further building relationships with existing ones.


Exhibits and Education

The exhibit hall at LightX is not just a showcase but a dynamic playground for business. Manufacturers have the liberty to transform their exhibit spaces into interactive zones, from pickleball courts to whiskey tastings, ensuring memorable encounters that can lead to deeper business relationships. Furthermore, LightX also offers eight Continuing Education Unit (CEU) courses across two days, providing valuable learning and networking opportunities.

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Social Engagements: Beyond Business

One of the highlights of LightX is its robust social agenda. This year’s event kicks off with a meet-and-greet pool party at Paradise Springs Pool, which allows attendees to unwind after their day of travel and socialize in a laid-back setting.

The first day of exhibitions and seminars is followed by a concert at The Glass Cactus, providing a vibrant environment to build customer relationships and foster informal yet potentially fruitful business discussions. Bell & McCoy has found with past LightX events that these social events are integral to building and strengthening customer relationships, making the manufacturers’ investments not only more enjoyable but also more productive.

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It's Personal

Customers greatly value and appreciate the distinctive experience LightX offers, as evidenced by the enthusiastic participation and positive feedback from past events. All travel expenses for the lighting specifiers — including airfare, ground transportation, meals, and two nights of lodging at the luxurious resort hotel — are covered by the event organizers.

Additionally, the hand-picked invited customers are not just allowed but encouraged to bring a spouse or significant other. This policy transforms the professional gathering into a personal retreat, allowing each attendee to create special memories with loved ones while networking with like-minded lighting people and design professionals from across the Southern U.S.

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Networking with Ease and Efficiency

LightX distinguishes itself by simplifying the logistical nightmares often associated with large trade shows. Manufacturers are only responsible for shipping their materials to Bell & McCoys Dallas-area warehouse, with transportation to the venue handled by the event organizers. This system not only eases the burden on participants but also significantly cuts down costs.

Additionally, all essential amenities including power supply and booth setups are pre-arranged, allowing manufacturers to focus purely on their customer interactions and product showcases. This logistical simplicity is complemented by comprehensive marketing opportunities, as manufacturers receive a detailed attendee list post-event, enhancing lead generation and follow-up marketing strategies.


A Strategic Investment

In sum, Bell & McCoy and FRM have taken care to design the LightX event to offer manufacturers a multifaceted platform to enhance their visibility, engage with key stakeholders, and drive business growth alongside their agent partner. By combining educational sessions, interactive exhibits, and relaxed social gatherings, the event crafts a unique, immersive experience that maximizes both professional development and business opportunities in a cost-effective manner.


NOTE: This article is brought to you in partnership with Bell & McCoy Lighting and Controls and FRM Lighting & Controls.