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May 27, 2022   

5 Things to Know:  Week Ending May 28

2022 05 28 five things to know hubbell hq building greenville sc sold.jpg

Hubbell Lighting's HQ building is sold and Boeing strikes a deal for far UV-C lighting technology


Here's a roundup of some of the week's happenings curated to help lighting people stay informed.   


1. Hubbell Lighting HQ Building Sold for $53.5 million

Hubbell Lighting’s 185,000 square foot headquarters building in Greenville, South Carolina has been sold for $53.5 million to New York City real estate company, Angelo, Gordon & Company.

The building was built in 2006 on an 18-acre site and is home to the company’s Lighting Solutions Center where it hosts customer and agent training programs.  The sale of the building is not expected to impact business operations as we understand that Hubbell Lighting’s new owner, Current, is leasing the building from Angelo, Gordon & Company.

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2. Lawsuit vs. GE Current

China-based Super Lighting is alleging patent infringement by Current Lighting Solutions relating to LED tube lamps.

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3. Foscarini acquires German lighting brand

Italian decorative lighting maker, Foscarini, strikes a deal to acquire Ingo Maurer GmbH.  Foscarini goes to market in the U.S. through lighting agents.

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4. Tragedy: Landscape Lighting Worker Dies in Bee Attack

A landscape lighting technician died after he was swarmed by bees at a west Austin, TX home.

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5. Boeing Inks UV-C Deal for In-Cabin Disinfection

Boeing strikes a licensing agreement for far UV-C light disinfection to be used on occupied planes.  

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