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NALMCO 2024 Annual Convention & Trade Show

Orlando, Florida
October 20 - 23, 2024


The National Association of Lighting Management Companies (NALMCO) holds its Annual Convention and Trade Show, a four-day event that attracts more than 250 participants each year. Attendees range from business owners and senior-level management to design staff and lighting technicians. The event's diverse roster ensures that it caters to a broad audience, promising enriching interaction, knowledge exchange, and the opportunity to shape the future of the lighting industry.

The Convention and Trade Show offer a variety of networking opportunities, encouraging meaningful professional connections and collaborations. Events include speed dating-style networking, scheduled one-on-one appointments, and nightly receptions. Moreover, the annual golf tournament adds a sportive, leisurely element to the event, enhancing the social experience. Combining insightful learning opportunities with an engaging social platform, the NALMCO Annual Convention and Trade Show stands as an important date on the calendar for those passionate about lighting and lighting management.


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