IALD Enlighten Americas 2024

San Diego, California
October 17 - 19, 2024


The International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD) Enlighten Americas conference is an annual assembly focused on fostering education, networking, and creativity within the realm of architectural lighting design. This event promises to stimulate and inspire, featuring sessions conducted by professionals and experts from the field.

Topics range widely, addressing the technical, artistic, and practical aspects of lighting design - from understanding the environmental impacts of artificial light at night to exploring the application of light in diverse architectural contexts. This conference offers an immersive journey, expertly curated to promote knowledge exchange, thought leadership, and professional growth in the field of lighting design.

Characterized by an intimate atmosphere, the conference caps attendance at 500, ensuring a conducive environment for meaningful connections and engaging discussions. Networking opportunities are intertwined with the program's educational aspects, with scheduled breaks and exhibitions allowing for both professional interaction and exploration of industry developments.

Attendees also benefit from a variety of workshops and sessions tailored to different experience levels and interests, from students and educators to established professionals. The overarching mission of the IALD Enlighten Americas conference remains the advancement of architectural lighting design through collaboration, innovation, and a shared passion for light.



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