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  August 7, 2021   

LIGHTEN UP! Luminaire Design Competition Kicks off Friday August 13


Lighting enthusiasts compete against the clock – and one another – to design & build prize-winning light fixtures

LIGHTEN UP! started as a local luminaire design competition in a single IES Section and over the years has grown to become a coordinated multi-Section experience that spurs creativity, competition and collaboration among lighting professionals.

After having 30 participating sections for last year's in-person LIGHTEN UP!, the 2021 events will be conducted virtually. During a 24-hour period that begins on Friday August 13 at 7pm EDT and ends on Saturday at 7pm, numerous IES Sections will be conducting local LIGHTEN UP! competitions. Participants will be challenged to design and build a luminaire that meets defined criteria using solely items from a list of common household goods.

Winners from each local section will have their luminaire designs proceed to the next round where the projects will be evaluated by lighting professionals during an international voting period hosted on the IES LIGHTEN UP! webpage.

The Grand Prize is sponsored by Bock Lighting.

Follow on Instagram:  @ieslightenup

Use the hashtag  #2021LIGHTENUP for posts pertaining to any and all LIGHTEN UP! excitement!


Join the fun! -- Interested individuals should register with their local section and be ready to show off their design skills to their peers.


IES Baltimore Section
IES Dallas Section
IES Detroit Section
IES Denver Section
IES Norfolk/Virginia Beach Section
IES Salt Lake City Section
IES San Diego Section
IES St. Louis Section


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