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   July 12, 2021   

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BIOS will be hosting a free webinar on July 13th outlining a new BIOS initiative - BIOS Circadian Audit Program.


There are two (2) timeslots for the webinar: 

July 13th 9am PST 
July 13th 12pm PST 


What is the BIOS Circadian Audit Program?
This webinar will reveal important information about the benefits of becoming a BIOS Certified Circadian Auditor and walk through the process of certification with our free Circadian Audit Training Program.

Lighting and design professionals who are interested in differentiating their brand and service offering, while making an impact on people’s health and well-being, should register for this free webinar to learn more.

Robert Soler, co-founder of BIOS will be leading the presentation and will be able to answer any questions about the program from the audience.

Register by clicking one of the links below. 

July 13th 9am PST 
July 13th 12pm PST

Contact info:
Samantha Nguyen


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