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LUXTECH Offers Deep Dimming Uniformity as a Standard Product Feature!

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(PHILADELPHIA, PA, February 19, 2021)  LUXTECH engineers have worked closely with experts in LED package design and manufacturing to deliver a new deep dimming solution with the most versatile 2835 mid-power packages. LUXTECH has helped industry leaders achieve excellent uniformity at 1% brightness without sacrificing cuttability, cost, or added complexity. By developing a solution at the LED level, LUXTECH can proudly offer deep dimming as a standard module feature.  This also reduces SKU count for OEMs which simplifies procurement and manufacturing by decreasing the physical inventory footprint.

“LUXTECH is always looking for ways to enable and enhance creativity with versatile, easy-to-use solutions for architectural-luminaire manufacturers. To realize a specifiers’ vision, design engineers require versatility to develop inspired fixtures. Deep dimming helps to achieve this while differentiating from competitors.” 

 -Brian Treston, LUXTECH Product Specialist

In the past, uniformity has been achieved in a variety of ways, all with their shortcomings. By using many LEDs in series, the V_F between parts are averaged in each string to balance more evenly the current and brightness, but this approach limits board cut lengths and customizability. Alternatively, using LEDs of a single flux bin or adding a current regulator into the circuit design can yield excellent uniformity but at greater cost, extended lead times, and manufacturing complexity.

Many mid-power LEDs are already hot binned, which ensures flux and chromaticity consistency at normal operating conditions, but still exhibit variation at other operating conditions. As seen in the figures – at normal operating conditions, the brightness uniformity is indistinguishable between boards, and the problem is not evident until moving towards low dim outputs.

LUXTECH targeted the manufacturing and design of the most versatile 2835 mid-power packages to provide this valuable feature at the LED level, adding much simplicity over any assembly or circuit level solutions. Our unique LED solution and circuit design allow our boards to be cut between every LED while still maintaining the beautiful consistency you expect from maximum output all the way to 1% dimming.


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LUXTECH designs & manufactures versatile, specification-grade LED modules for architectural lighting manufacturers.

“We are a collection of engineers, designers and researchers based out of Philadelphia, PA and proudly work with architectural fixture manufacturers and teams around the world. Besides being inquisitive and inventive thinkers, we are also personable – we make sure our customers’ needs are heard and their expectations exceeded. We believe lighting has the power to define our world: it can elicit a mood, improve appearances, enhance performance, and influence our behavior. By pushing the latest lighting technology and manufacturing exceptionally built modules with the utmost customer care, we believe we can elevate illumination to foster a better world.”

-Graham Merrifield, LUXTECH Senior Applications Engineer



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February 19, 2021

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