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   June 1, 2021   

Lumenwerx presents the Pivot Magnetic Track System

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Montreal, June 1, 2021 - Lumenwerx announces Pivot, a next-level architectural 48V Magnetic Track System with integral drivers. Modular, compact at 1.55 inches in width, and expandable, it is composed of 10+ modules that can be mixed and matched to answer a wide variety of lighting applications. Pivot is offered in pendant and recessed options with direct or direct/indirect distributions, 34 finish colors, and infinite length possibilities. With proprietary connectors, Pivot Linx, patterns and shapes can be created and expanded horizontally and vertically. 

“Pivot is our first inspiration into the track lighting realm,” said Morris Feldman, President and CEO of Lumenwerx. “We wanted to champion our linear strengths into a fresh look with the 48V Pivot track. Having this strategy allowed us to create exceptional performance and architectural sophistication with hidden drivers and electrical connections, as well as infinite length capabilities.“

The system is also very easy to change and re-change since modular installation and release is tool-free.

Modular freedom

The Pivot System provides novel solutions to lighting challenges that have increasingly emerged with the evolution of spaces as shared and multipurpose. The offering includes linear modules up to 8 feet, track heads, cylinders, and linear downlight modules, all of which are securely anchored to the magnetic track with Lumenwerx’s own V- Lock technology. Pivot is offered in 80, 90 and 95 CRI, Full Spectrum, as well as CCTs of 2700K, 3000K, 3500K and 4000K.

Pivot Performance

Pivot packs up to 1000 lm/ft for HLO and 1000 lm for track heads and cylinders and is offered in a variety of control options, both wired and wireless.

“We are quite impressed with the proprietary optics the technical team was able to achieve, not to mention the solid UGR for such a small aperture,” affirmed Michael Simla, CTO of Lumenwerx. “Pivot’s wallwash elements achieve uniformity ratios < 2.55:1. With all Pivot’s offerings, you can create and design lighting combinations that are limitless.”

Pivot broadens and brightens the horizon with an abundance of shapes and patterns for architectural applications, from high-end retail or sophisticated hospitality spaces to open-ceiling workplaces and lofty residential projects. With Pivot, the possibilities to stretch your creative boundaries are endless.


About Lumenwerx

Lumenwerx is a leader in designing and manufacturing luminaires for architectural applications. Their specialized portfolio incorporates superior innovation and precise engineering, with additional new products to come.

The company is headquartered in Montreal, Canada and has won numerous industry awards, including two Red Dot Awards and a Pia Award, just in the last 15 months. For more information, visit lumenwerx.com.


Media contact
Federica Gatti
Public Relations Manager


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