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   June 30, 2021   

CM Buck & Associates Expands Partnerships with Cree Lighting and Lutron into Kentucky

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Valued partners and customers,

CM Buck & Associates is proud to announce that effective June 16, 2021, our organization will be expanding our representation of Cree Lighting, a company of IDEAL Industries, Inc, to include the state of Kentucky. Effective July 1, 2021, Lutron will also appoint our organization to represent the Commercial Specification, Electrical Distribution, Lighting Showroom, and Commercial Integration sales channels in Kentucky.

Our teams are excited to expand two long-time partnerships into the Kentucky market. CM Buck & Associates has represented Cree Lighting since 2007 and brings a wealth of experience selling lighting solutions into key vertical channels, including healthcare and education.

Proudly representing Lutron in Indiana since 2019, CM Buck & Associates continues to provide the highest-level quality sales, technical support, and service to our shared customers to grow the market for all Lutron lighting, controls, and shading solutions. Our experts offer decades of industry knowledge in power, lighting, lighting controls, and OEM solutions.


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Lighting Division Manager  Clark Simpson  csimpson@cmbuck.com  317-679-9212 
Lighting Inside Sales  Theresa Ford  tford@cmbuck.com  317-759-6604 
Lighting Quotations Specialist Mike Stilts mstilts@cmbuck.com 317-297-3335
Controls Division Manager  Evan Loucks  eloucks@cmbuck.com  574-612-4551 
Controls Project Director  Zach Proctor  zproctor@cmbuck.com  317-695-5719 
Controls Quotations Betsy Moog bmoog@cmbuck.com 260-222-9793


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Thank you for your continued support. We look forward to working with you in 2021 and beyond.


Clark Simpson
Lighting Division Manager
CM Buck & Associates
  Evan Loucks
Controls Division Manager 
CM Buck & Associates
  Steven Hall 
CM Buck & Associates



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