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   May 20, 2021   

Chris Wolgamott to Serve as Executive Advisor for Lighting Energy Partnership

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New York, NY: The Light and Health Research Center at Mount Sinai Icahn School of Medicine is pleased to announce that Chris Wolgamott of the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA) has agreed to serve as an Executive Advisor to its Lighting Energy Partnership. The overarching goal of the partnership is to maximize the effectiveness of lighting while minimizing its negative collateral effects on the people and the environment.

Chris will help develop a strategic plan for delivering energy efficient lighting to the following utility segments: commercial, outdoor, and residential. Each of these areas have specific opportunities for lighting product development as well as innovative application strategies that not only reduce energy use, but help manage power demand. More broadly, Chris will help frame the Lighting Energy Partnership to improve the health of planet Earth through projects that reduce global warming by reducing carbon emissions.

For over 20 years Chris Wolgamott has worked in the utility business in the Pacific Northwest, as a program manager, efficiency engineer and product manager. As the Senior Product Manager for Commercial and Residential Lighting with NEEA, Chris leads all emerging tech research on lighting products to support transformation of the commercial and residential lighting markets. He works extensively with lighting manufacturers on were the future of lighting and controls are headed.

Chris started his energy efficiency career at NW Natural Gas Co. working with residential and commercial customers to find ways to more efficiently use natural gas. After 6 years in the natural gas industry he decided to fuel switch and went to work for Eugene Water & Electric Board, a local public utility. Chris worked with the commercial energy efficiency department to promote electric conservation. It was during this time that he found his passion for lighting. 7 years later he moved to Portland OR to work as a contractor for Bonneville Power Administration. During his 3 years at BPA Chris was the commercial lighting energy efficiency engineer for the Energy Efficiency department. His time as the lighting engineer was spent working with the utilities of the Northwest to promote high quality and efficient lighting.

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About the Light and Health Research Center:
The Mount Sinai Light and Health Research Center was created in 2021 to apply the science of light to improve health outcomes.

For more information about the Lighting Energy Partnership, please contact:
Dr. Mark Rea: mark.rea@mountsinai.org 


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