April 30, 2024   

Ceiling the Deal:  Armstrong Acquires LightArt

2024 04 Armstrong acquires 3form and lightart ceiling.jpg

Above: Photo courtesy of LightArt

Part of the 3form acquisition, move broadens architectural capabilities for the ceiling market leader


In a significant expansion of its architectural design capabilities, Armstrong World Industries has announced the acquisition of 3form, LLC, a leader in architectural resins and sustainable design products. This acquisition notably includes LightArt, a distinctive lighting brand within 3form, spotlighting Armstrong's ongoing commitment to enhancing its design-forward product offerings.

Armstrong, a $1.3 billion Pennsylvania-based company, is the North American market share leader in commercial ceiling systems and also manufactures wall systems, roof decks and residential systems.

3form, previously a wholly owned subsidiary of Hunter Douglas Group, was founded in 2002 and is best known for resins and other translucent architectural materials that provide unique form, texture, light, and color.  The business includes 3 production and design facilities with approximately 390 employees. In 2023, the company generated approximately $96 million in revenue.


LightArt: A Niche Acquisition

While the acquisition of 3form is broad in scope, the inclusion of LightArt presents a niche enhancement to Armstrong’s lighting solutions. Armstrong's existing partners on its TechZone ceiling platform, such as Axis Lighting, Vode, and JLC Tech, primarily offer clean, performance-oriented recessed lighting systems that focus on integrated ceiling solutions. In contrast, LightArt specializes in more decorative, suspended standalone lighting fixtures.

The acquisition of LightArt introduces a range of acoustic solutions that could enhance Armstrong's extensive offerings, enabling illuminated and non-illuminated acoustic ceiling solutions for architectural and commercial projects. LightArt may also present an opportunity for Armstrong to potentially explore new applications in wall systems and other architectural details.


Strategic Expansion in Architectural Product Offerings

The acquisition of 3form by Armstrong marks a strategic enhancement of Armstrong's already robust portfolio in ceiling and wall solutions. 3form is recognized for its innovative use of architectural-grade translucent resins and high-performance glass, which are integral to creating visually compelling spaces. This move is aligned with Armstrong's history of integrating diverse architectural elements to provide comprehensive design solutions, particularly in commercial settings.

3form, known for its vibrant color palette and textured designs, brings a complementary set of aesthetics that can significantly benefit Armstrong’s existing product lines. "3form is a well-established leader in architectural resins and high-performance glass and adds exciting, new complementary materials and design capabilities to our Architectural Specialties portfolio," said Vic Grizzle, President and CEO of Armstrong World Industries.

This strategic move also signals Armstrong’s continued emphasis on sustainability and innovation, themes that are consistent with the company’s mission and market positioning.