August 31, 2023   

Current Taps Bell & McCoy to Replace Hossley Across 6+ States

2023 current HLI hossley bell mccoy hlps 3.jpg

Move ends long partnerships with Hossley and two other agents, while expanding partnership with Bell & McCoy 


In a significant industry shift in the South Central U.S., Current, a top-tier player in lighting and controls, is realigning its HLI portfolio representation. This move transfers the representation of the brands, once known as Hubbell Lighting, to Bell & McCoy Lighting and Controls. Historically, Hossley Lighting Associates in Dallas had represented these brands since the 1990s.

Effective September 1, 2023, this partnership expands upon Bell & McCoy’s existing representation of Current’s GLI Brands Portfolio in Texas and Oklahoma.


Over the years, Dallas-based Hossley transitioned to an employee-owned business and expanded its agency territory organically and through a merger with Lighting & Power Solutions in Arkansas. Their collaboration with HLI broadened their reach, covering most of Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi. In 2021, they joined forces with Spectrum Lighting + Controls in Memphis. As a result of these expansions, they rebranded to Hossley Lighting & Power Systems (HLPS) in their South Central U.S. territories.


HLI Brands move to Bell & McCoy across much of the South Central U.S.

Untitled (2).jpeg

Above: A general representation of the HLI territory that will be covered by Bell & McCoy.  HLI brands include Columbia, Kim Lighting, Kurt Versen, Prescolite and Dual Lite. Bell & McCoy Companies cover additional territories for other brands not depicted above.


Bell & McCoy is familiar with the Current brand legacy, as the company started its lighting business 17 years ago with Hubbell in Houston. As various lighting brands shifted ownership, Bell & McCoy assumed representation for GE Lighting’s lamps and fixtures, now branded as Current GLI. This transition solidifies the alliance between Bell & McCoy and Current in the South Central region – HLI, GLI, Roadway, Luminaires and Lamps.


Bell & McCoy area representation by Current portfolio:

HLI Brands

Arkansas, Alabama Panhandle, Florida-Mississippi Panhandle, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Texas (sans El Paso), Western Tennessee

GLI Roadway

Arkansas, Florida-Mississippi Panhandle, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Texas, Western Tennessee

GLI Brands (Luminaires)

Central and Northern Alabama, Oklahoma, Texas

GLI Brands (GE Lamps)

Oklahoma, New Mexico, Texas


“Bell & McCoy is a well-respected agency with experience in a variety of market segments which seamlessly aligns with Current’s brand/product portfolios,” Current Chief Commercial Officer Chip Taylor said. “Their representation of the HLI Brands Portfolio will delight the customers and we are excited about the expanded partnership,” Taylor said.

The shift to Bell & McCoy typically means a departure from Hossley in most of the South Central U.S. In Houston and parts of Florida and southern Alabama, Current is ending its affiliations with other agencies. Lighting Associates in Houston and Lighting Partnership Gulf Coast in southern Alabama and Florida will no longer work with HLI.

While Bell & McCoy operates in Birmingham, Alabama, and New Mexico, they won't be representing HLI in those areas. Lighting Partnership will retain HLI representation in Alabama, while Resource Lighting will continue to represent HLI in New Mexico and El Paso, Texas.