May 31, 2023   

79 New Lighting Partnerships Form 

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It's been a busy time for Manufacturers and Lighting Agents forming new partnerships.  Here is the recent roundup.  


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  • New England:  Reflex Lighting Group is the new rep for Lucent Lighting and Specialty Lighting Industries

  • New York City:  Electric Lighting Agencies now represents Lumos Controls, Luminart and Scangift

  • North Jersey:  Diversified is the new agent for Sternberg Lighting, The Light Source and Gateway International 360

  • Philadelphia:  Lighting Solutions has added Marset to its line card

  • Pittsburgh:  REPCO II has partnered with PAL Lighting

  • Richmond, VA:  Federated Lighting VA is the new rep for Kalco and Allegri

  • Charlotte:  Bodwell & Associates now represents HessAmerica, Griven USA, Lamp Lighting, Ligman Lighting, Ascent Architectural Lighting, Candela, Dunton House, Lynx, Pantheon Lighting, Peacock, Terrain, Vulkan and Wila


  • Nashville:  Factory Sales Agency is the new agent for MixMatch Lighting, Andcosta and Scout Lighting

  • Atlanta:

    • Smart Lighting Solutions has added IntelliSafe IAQ to its line card

    • Lighting Associates, Inc. has partnered with Matrix Mirrors

  • Myers:  Envision Lighting Systems is the new rep for Wayne Tyler

  • New Orleans:

    • WKA Lighting now represents Synapse

    • Lighting & Electrical Assoc. is the new agent for something called LZF

  • Cleveland:  Lighting & Controls has added American Linear Lighting, Lumato, LEDAlux, Lumos, Luxrite, MOJO Illumination, Zaniboni Lighting and DCWéditions Paris to its line card

  • Columbus, OH:  Lighting Systems of Columbus has partnered with EELP

  • Detroit:

    • Gasser Bush Assoc. is the new rep for VoksLyte

    • Clarus Lighting and Controls now represents Artience Lighting

  • Indiana:  Specified Lighting Systems of Indiana is the new agent for Glint

  • Chicago:

    • PG enlighten has added Casambi, Modern Forms, Reflective Lighting, Perfect Power Systems and Quorum International to its line card

    • KSA Lighting & Controls has partnered with Millerbernd Mfg.

    • Let’s get the band back together! Illumination Technology Group has reunited with LSI Industries.

    • A+M now represents Lee Broom and Zaneen

    • The Lighting Digest is the new agent for Omnilight, Lumensmith and Amerlux

    • Chicago Lightworks has added Lumenwerx, Lumax, MP Lighting, Artience Lighting and Glint to its line card

  • Wisconsin:  Spectrum Lighting & Controls has partnered with Graffiti

  • Minnesota:  Mlazgar Associates is the new rep for Casambi and Quorum International

  • Louis:  Lighting Associates, LLC now represents Lumentender

  • Kansas:  C&O Sales is the new agent for Flexalighting

  • Houston, TX:  CW Lighting has added Day-O-Lite and Neri to its line card

  • San Antonio, TX:  2M Lighting has partnered with Lumenwerx

  • Austin, TX:  Legacy Lighting is the new rep for Lumenwerx

  • Dallas*:

    • Architectural Lighting Alliance now represents Light Engine and Zaniboni Lighting

    • Texas Lighting Solutions* is the new agent for Lumenwerx

  • Phoenix: R.C. Lurie has added ClearWorld to its line card

  • Los Angeles: Forman & Associates has partnered with LinmoreLED

  • Sacramento:  CJS Lighting is the new rep for Intelligent Pole Base

  • Seattle: SeaTac Lighting & Controls now represents Ligman Lighting

  • Spokane, WA:  Ambient Lighting is the new agent for Ligman Lighting



*NOTE:  A prior version of this article erroneously stated that Texas Lighting Solutions was the new agent for Crestron Electronics in Dallas.  The source of that information was the Texas Lighting Solutions online line card.  We regret the mistake.  Crestron continues to be represented by Architectural Lighting Alliance / Horton Controls Group.







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