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June 10, 2022   

5 Things to Know:  Week Ending June 11

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Lighting manufacturer files for bankruptcy and the Hubbell/Lutron agent merges with another rep in Utah.


Here's a roundup of some of the week's happenings curated to help lighting people stay informed.   


1. Hallmark Lighting Files for Bankruptcy Protection

Lighting manufacturer Hallmark Lighting reportedly ceased its business operations in the last year or so.  The company was also the defendant in a 2021 lawsuit filed by CED relating to a $167K Lighting Project that went bad.  The company just filed for bankruptcy protection this past week.

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2. Utah Agents Announce Merger - New Agency is called Build26

Pinnacle Solutions and Rocky Mountain Lighting & Controls have entered into a merger agreement. Inspired by project manual Section 26, ELECTRICAL, the new agency will be known as Build26.

Pinnacle Solutions has been a supply-focused agent that represents electrical manufacturers as well as Keystone Lighting and Dialight.  Rocky Mountain Lighting & Controls represents over 100 lighting brands including Hubbell Lighting, Lutron and LEDVANCE.

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3.  DC's replacement of 75,000 Streetlights embracing health & safety initiatives

An editorial highlights a new street and alleyway lighting replacement project in Washington DC that will reportedly give neighborhoods the potential to control their own light levels. In addition to reducing carbon emissions and costs, this automated system provides an opportunity to develop area-specific light plans that focus light where needed and not elsewhere.

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4. Group of passionate users buy Smart Home company that disappeared

Insteon’s servers went offline in April when SmartLabs, the company that owned the smart lighting system, ran into “financial difficulties.” A financial services firm had been appointed to sell its assets, but this “group of passionate users” stepped in and has taken over -- and the servers are working again!

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5.  Five Reasons Why June is a Big Month for Dark Skies in Colorado

June 2022 marks the combined success of several dark sky projects in Colorado, including the passage of three dark sky related bills, the release of a tourism office promotion campaign, a June is Dark Sky Month Governor’s Proclamation and more...

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