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May 3, 2022   

New Group Promotes Lighting Equity for Under-Resourced Neighborhoods

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Light Justice seeks to bring lighting quality messaging into the public realm


LightJustice.org is a new forum for lighting professionals to share information, ideas, and experience about lighting justice issues, opportunities, and actions, but it is accessible to everyone. “Light Justice” is the practice of planning, designing, implementing, and investing in good lighting for historically neglected neighborhoods through a process of stakeholder engagement and community supported “placemaking” with light.

Light Justice is rooted in the ongoing conversation between lighting designers Edward Bartholomew and Mark Loeffler about their mutual concern for lighting quality and inequality, especially in the public realm. Well-designed, well-maintained lighting is a signifier of prosperity and privilege that is seldom available to under-resourced communities.

Since 2020, Edward and Mark have given presentations and written articles exploring the intersection of lighting with social and environmental justice, the discriminatory impacts of bad lighting, and opportunities for the lighting industry to overcome these inequities. In early 2022, lighting designer Lya Osborn joined them to help start LightJustice.org as a resource for planners, designers, educators, policy makers, and community groups.

Light Justice welcomes your participation.






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